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Stewart Gems is in Winchester Tennessee.

I do not. I have a studio which is not available to the public. I conduct business by appointments and through electronic channels. In-person meeting is arranged when making the appointment.

Unfortunately, no. This is for security and safety reasons.

I mainly make jewelry on request. If there is something you are looking for, I can get it or make it. This allows me to control the quality and price to fit your needs.

Typically no. Ready-made jewelry is mass produced, allowing the design and fabrication prices to be lowered due to volume. For custom made jewelry, all the design time and labor goes into one piece. The benefit is you control the quality and exact design rather than settle for the closest thing.

The best way is to use the Contact Us form below. Let me know the best way and time to contact you, what you are interested in, and a date you need it by if it is important. If this is a surprise gift, be sure and let me know so we can be careful not to spoil it!

This depends on what you want.. Some can be assembled or hand made in just a few days. If a wax model is required or a particular stone located, this adds time to the project. I will do everything possible to work with your requirements.

Yes! A lot of my customers have brought multiple pieces passed down through the families to have them remade into a new piece they can wear and still maintain the heritage. Also it's a good way to save money.

Not a problem. I can provide as much metal as you need, or even swap white gold for yellow gold if that's what you want to do. I also have any diamonds and gemstones you would want to add.

Each custom piece will involve multiple skills to complete, and each skill has different values. There is no charge for starting a custom piece. I will create designs and then quote a price based on the design. We can adjust the design- as needed to make it exactly what you want and at the price that can work for you.

That is a big help! I can work from a picture or a good description.

I do everything in my studio except casting. I use a very reliable and trusted casting service to do that. Your diamonds and gemstones will not leave my posession. If I can't repair your jewelry here, I'll let you know up front, But this almost NEVER happens.

Yes, i can make an offer for your gold and platinum.

No. Watches have become a technical field that requires very specialized equipment and training.

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